EPISODE 874 honey bees at the royal york hotel august 28, 2023

EPISODE  874     honey bees at the royal york hotel  august 28, 2023

alan and marjorie skeoch

Marjorie Skeoch along with five retired teachers managed to find a bee yard  high among the sky scrapers of Toronto waterfront.
The bee yard is quite famous but few have ever had the tour of the roof garden of the Royal York Hotel.  The roof garden and huge bee yard 
are smack dab in the centre of Toronto where steel and glass high rise offices and asphalt roadways and cement walkways make green ways 
seemingly non existent.  So the Toronto bee yard a top the Royal York has achieved international fame. 

Here is your chance to get there courtesy of Marjorie and her friends.

(Marjorie Skeoch (photos)
august 28, 2023


Every September, Fairmont Royal York’s Apiary Team, led by Executive Sous Chef Andrew Wilson, harvest honey from our very own rooftop bee hives. Previous harvests have bestowed upon us award-wining honey and this year’s golden bounty could prove to be just as exceptional.

2,100 frames of honeycomb were extracted from seven hives, which produced approximately 400 lbs of sweet, liquid honey which will be featured in our menus throughout the hotel. From our Chef’s Table, to our Banquet Buffets, to unique in-room amenities – add a little sweetness to your next visit with us.

In 2008, Fairmont Royal York became the first hotel in the world to introduce a rooftop apiary. During our peak season, the apiary’s seven hives are home to half a million honey bees and seven queens. Toronto Beekeepers Collective and Urban Beekeeper Melanie Coates tend to the bees, that produce an average of 400 lbs of honey each year. Fairmont Royal York’s honey has won awards at the Royal Winter Fair for over five years and is a popular ingredient used by our Culinary Team.

Our Rooftop honey is a symbol of our commitment to PLANET 21, a comprehensive global program that brings together employees, guests and partners to drive sustainable growth.

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