EPISODE 871 PORT HOPE — GADAWASKA river flows through town — nice main street for shopping and gawking

EPISODE 871    PORT HOPE — GADAWASKA river flows through town — nice main street for shopping and gawking

Alan skeoCh
august 23, 2023


There is just chance you need to escape for a few hours and do not know where to go.
Try Port Hope business part of town.   The Ganaraska River flows right through the 
centre of town.  Right now (August 2023) the river is quiet.  Two months from now the river comes
alive as hundreds…perhaps thousands…of salmon beat their way up to the spawning grounds.  Tough job.
They gather in clusters then make a dash for higher ground.  Most make it. Some do not. The river is shallow
and the salmon often have their backs in open air as they  lunge from deeper pools and attempt to jump the
numerous waterfalls.

Just how did so many PACIFIC OCEAN SALMON decide  to spawn here in Port Hope.  THe story 
is one of the great stories about world wildlife.   I will tell you in another episode as that was part of the
speech I gave on Feb.29, 2020.  The speech that was never given.  Next day, march 1, 2020, we were all shaken as Covid  19
spread around the world fro China killing millions. Don’t worry the Port Hope fish story is a feel good story.


more.ctv.ca/content/dam/bellmedia/marilyn/images/home/2023/michael-PENNEY-MDS.png.transform/768w/img.jpg 768w, more.ctv.ca/content/dam/bellmedia/marilyn/images/home/2023/michael-PENNEY-MDS.png.transform/520w/img.jpg 520w” sizes=”auto” data-srcset=”/content/dam/bellmedia/marilyn/images/home/2023/michael-PENNEY-MDS.png.transform/520w/img.jpg 520w, /content/dam/bellmedia/marilyn/images/home/2023/michael-PENNEY-MDS.png.transform/768w/img.jpg 768w, /content/dam/bellmedia/marilyn/images/home/2023/michael-PENNEY-MDS.png.transform/1200w/img.jpg 1200w” data-sizes=”auto” style=”box-sizing: border-box; border: 0px; vertical-align: middle; width: 796.640625px;”>

When it comes to décor, we love shopping both old and new–and home expert, Michael Penney does too. That’s why he created his décor store, Penney and Coin Port Hope, to showcase and sell some of his fab thrift finds and antiques and how you can mix them into your modern spaces. Watch the video to see Michael take Marilyn on a tour of his store and find out the story behind opening his location in this historic Ontario town.

Think you might like the shop owned by MIchael Peney.  He has a terrific sense of colour and design.
Big things to buy and little things to buy…all out of the ordinary.   Just a walk through his store is
a pleasure.


Port Hope is known for having the largest volume of historic low-level radioactive wastes in Canada.[6]These wastes were initially created by Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited and its private sector predecessors, resulting from the refining of radium from pitchblende. Radium was used in radioluminescent paint (such as aircraft dials), and in early treatments for cancer.[7]
During World War II, the Eldorado plant produced exponentially more uranium oxides, which the United States used in the Manhattan Project that created the first nuclear weapons.[8] This plant, now under the ownership of Cameco, continues to produce uranium fuel for nuclear power plants.
In 2002, a large amount of contaminated soil was removed from beachfront areas.[9] More recently, a testing program began of over 5,000 properties, with a plan to remove and store contaminated soil that had been used as landfill. Over a billion dollars is expected to be spent on the soil remediation project, the largest such cleanup in Canadian history.[6]

AS LANDFILL FROM 1933  TO 1988…a sobering story.

Major remediation project launches next phase of radioactive cleanup in Port Hope
PORT HOPE AREA INITIATIVE WEBSITE — The Port Hope Project involves the cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste. Remediation and restoration on local properties as part of the Port Hope Area Initiative may include excavation, removing waste, verifying soil meets cleanup criteria and backfill.

Professional services company GHD has been selected as the contractor for the next phase of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), to remediate legacy low-level radioactive waste of affected properties for residential and road allowances.

Along with Bird Construction, its partner and project lead, the company received a notice to proceed with early work for a multi-year task order under the previously announced PHAI Master Construction Contract by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

One of Canada’s largest remediation projects, the multi-year initiative is being implemented by CNL on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

“There are a lot of properties that CNL has been investigating in Port Hope, identifying where the waste is. This project really represents the next phase as CNL scales up the effort to bring the project to a close,” said Paul Gallaway, GHD’s engineering manager for the PHAI activities, who described the project as fascinating and complicated.

The PHAI consists of the cleanup and long-term management of more than 1.2 million cubic metres of legacy low-level radioactive waste from more than 1,000 industrial, institutional and residential properties in Port Hope and Clarington.

The waste is the result of radium and uranium processing in Port Hope between 1933 and 1988 by the former Crown corporation Eldorado Nuclear Limited and its private-sector predecessors.

Where is low-level radioactive waste being relocated?
  • Approximately 450,000 cubic meters of historic low-level radioactive waste are being relocated from an existing waste management facility on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, to a new, near surface facility (engineered containment mound) about a kilometer north of the current site.
    How much radioactive waste will be removed from Port Hope?
    • Scott Parnell is the General Manager of the Port Hope Area Initiative, which is in charge of the cleanup. He says that after decades of planning, the first loads of an estimated 1.2 million cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste will be on the move.

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