EPISODE 376 STRAWBERRIES (and whipped cream…yum yum)

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alan skeoch
June 2021

Yesterday I sent an episode implying that the future of  farming is rather bleak for
small time operators.  Today I would like to correct that.  Why?  Because today
we dropped into a tiny farm…perhaps an acre of productive land.  The parking lot
is bigger than the field.   Yet the production is fantastic.  And the price matches
the production.  These berries come from the cooler of a strawberry farm
just a mile or so west of Georgetown…follow he signs on the Fifth Line. NO time
for us to hand pick,  The field had about 20 pickers already.

Bring money.   Marjorie bought this flat of fresh berries for $42.  Expensive!
Yes.  Cheaper if you pick your own and get them weighed.   But these
berries are the best…big and sweet and ready for big dollops of whipped cream.

There is a crowd picking these berries at this very moment.  I an hesitant
telling you where it is located.   But I will.  Turn on to the Fifth line north
of highway 401 or drive north on Trafalgar Road…look for a hand lettered
strawberry sign…make a left turn a mile or so north on Trafalgar.  Look for the signs.

First picture is all green.  Second picture adds lots of red.

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