alan  skeoch
April 17, 2018

THERE have been better days…. April 16 was a bad day.  The decision to go to the  farm was an error in judgment I suppose.  But then again, if
I had not gone then maybe the LITTLE DUCK WOULD BE DEAD and the house would be wrecked.

“Alan, are sure the road  is OK?”

“Well Woody, I think we have a problem.   Snow  with a crust of ice on top that is thick enough 
for us  to walk  on.  Too thick, Woody, Can we get the truck n there.  Two wheel drive but still
have the snow tires.”

“Take a chance, Alan…turn in fast…cut a trail through the crust.”

“Not going to make it, Woody…we are stuck…spinning tires…snow and ice up under the truck.”

“What to do?  Call Andrew, he might be somewhere nearby.”

“Good idea.   Ring Ring ring…,”Andy, Woody and I are in a bit of trouble….got the truck 
stuck in the lane…ice storm is bad…Can you come up ro help?”

“Give me an hour or so…take Woody into the house and I’ll get you out.  You should have known better than to try 
to ride on top of the ice….regular thing with you.”

“Not all my fault…Woody said  to take a run at it.”

“Fine advisor, Dad…see you in an hour.”

“And it’s getting dark…sleet and ice coming down now.  Road is as slick as a salesman’s blather, Woody.  LOOK AT the old barn…belonged to 
J..S. Woodsworth years ago.  Really bleak looking today.”

“Stop talking.  Open the door…neighbour phoned Marjorie  to say the power has been off all week  end.  I Just hope
the propane is firing away….”

“Quite pretty, isn’t it Woody…the ice coating everything.”

“Look at the bird house, Alan…loaded with ice.”

“Open the  door…my feet are frozen, Alan.”

“There…we are now about to get warm….OH NO!  WE HAVE HAD A BREAK IN!!  BROKEN GLASS ALL OVER.”

“WHY WOULD a robber break  all this glass?”

“Not a robber, Alan, I hear something moving in the bathroom…maybe a raccoon…or coyote….”

“Quiet , Woody, I Hear it too…close the doors…I’ll get a towel.”

“It’s a DUCK, Alan…must have come down the chimney in the ice storm…thought it was a hollow log.”

“Woody, I am going too catch her if I can.  Hope her wings are not broken…There she  is…FLOP FLOP…Got her  covered.”

“She seems to be glad we came along Woody.”

“Real heroes!”

“Set her down on the verandah…see if she is going to be OK”

“What kind of duck is she?”

“Smaller than a Mallard…look at that odd  crest on the back of herded….like a Merganzer maybe…small duck…maybe a Wood duck…Damn, Damn, 
Damn…she  looks like  the same  dick we had last year.”

“Likes smashing glasses and dishes…entertainment until her mate arrives.”

“There she goes…flying…not staying around to help clean up.”

“Check the window…see if Andy is here yet.”

Bleak out there, Alan, I am going to curl up on my bed while you clean up the glass.”

“Wish Marjorie was  here…”


“She would do the clean up better than me.”

“Andy is here, Alan.”

“Good…I bet he give me another lecture. “

“Get in your truck, Dad, and put it in reverse…gently…my truck is on solid ice…need all the help we can get.”

“Glad to see you, Andy.”

“Never a dull moment, Dad…you seem to find pickles even in winer time.  How is that torn Achilles tendon doing?.”

“Just fine…”

“Great…we are now out, Woody…road is sheer ice though…can’t fool around.”

“Did  you tell Andy about the duck, Alan?”

“Not yet…I am  going send him a picture…sort of  a thank you.”

“Where are you going, Andy…on foot?”

“Now  I have to get my truck in here with the trailer…”

“Need  help?”


“I left a duck to give you a hand Andy”

“A what?”


“Sometimes I think my dad is nuts….Did he say Duck or something else?”

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