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EPISODE 127     FALL COLOURS…2020    (with an  explanation)

alan skeoch
Sept .2020

Here  are some of the fall colours that I am sending early  so that some of you or all of you can 
get out and see them.  

What about finishing the Violence theme?  I  know…I know.  The story is written but has to be changed.    

I know or at least I hope you are looking forward to Part 2 of the Little Finger Story.  The reason I  am reticent to send it is that it seems
too egocentric.  Who wants to hear about nice things that happen to some people. Who really cares  about my life story?  That is my
problem,  The damn story just seems too egocentric.   When I get the nerve to send  it please forgive.

 My last year of high school made me very nervous.  There were failures.  It took me some time to understand that failures are common
in life.  Lots  of them.  The important things is the response to failure.   That last year in high school taught me that great lesson.
And then it turned into one of the best years of my life…followed by wonderful years at university.  It is written but I think I have to reduce
the good things…sounds vain… like too much bragging. Like sitting with a person who only talks about himself or herself…triggering one
thought,  “How the hell can I get away!”

Here is a twist.   Someone asked me once why I went to university of Toronto back in 1959.  My answer
came immediately.  “Hopefully to find  a wife.”  The way I figured out my life was that most things passed by…some in days, others months
and years.  But marriage could  be a lifetime so therefore was  more important than all  others.

How does this  connect to Football and my broken little finger?   Well, if I have the nerve you will see in the next Episode.  Meanwhile
here are some pictures that are best right now.  In a month they will be skeletons.

Let me put this story differently.  I hope readers  can look back at their lives and see that good  things happened sometimes  in the
darkest hours.  When I taught high school some outstanding students  worried me the most.  They had never tased  failure and
when failure happened as it does  in life they might have the greatest difficulty handling it.   The kids that tasted failure seemed  to
have the best chance of success.   Too much failure, of course, is deadly.  

Will I have the nerve to send Episode 128?  Maybe.  

Meanwhile … get outside if you can…find a tree.

alan skeoch
Sept. 25, 2020

P.S.   As I write this note on the last Saturday morning in September 2020, the Covid 19 cases are surging.   When I started writing these
Episodes I expected them to number around  14 not 127.   We are in troubled times for sure so take care.   Our leadership at the top seems
sound so let’s take the simple advice…wear a mask, wash your hands and keep socially distant.  You can do that and  still enjoy
the fall colours.

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