LMARJORIE AT FUJLL SPE…Stonehooker Brewery Feb. 29,3020


alan skeoch
Feb. 29 2020

“I WOULD like to introduce Alan  at the Stonehoker extravaganza.”
“Unusual to have a wife introduce her husband.”
“Maybe so, but I want to do it.”
“All yours.”

(So Marjorie spent 2 full months…January and February…prepare her introductory speech.  Normally
introductions  take 4 minutes max.  Marjorie spoke for 20.5 minutes and  ended the speech doing
a South Korean ‘gangam style’ dance which startled everyone.  At the 15 minute mark Andrew tapped
his watch.  Marjorie was just warming up and pointed to the timer she had beside her at the lecturn.
Turned  out the timer did  not work.  The audience was amused … good spirited … tearing up a  bit (tears)…
and attentive.  She took over the show.)

The guest speaker, Marjorie’s husband Alan, put his speech  aside.  There was no point in giving two speeches.

“I knew Marjorie was a bit nervous,” Alan told the audience, “because this morning she put onions in the porridge.”

“Nolan, how did you like the party?”  (Nolan is one of  the grandchildren)
“Do you want to know the best part of your speech, Grandpa?”
“Not sure…”
“It was when you told the audience about the onions in the porridge.”
“I knew I had been pre-empted then… for sure.”

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