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May 10, 2023

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Heavy traffic as I swung into the long curve of the QEW heading to the Burlington Bridge.   My exit was
North Beach coming up fast.  Traffic speed around 70 km …Then before my eyes on the
right shoulder were three police cars with lights flashing.   My mind raced.

“Alan, pull to the left…that’s the law…police vehicles…give them space “
Quick look to the left.
“Damnit, I have an 18 wheeler beside me …all going 70.”
Quick look in rear mirror.
“Damnit car right behind me…cannot brake.”
Then, like a lightning bolt I was into the danger zone.
“Noting I cooudl do.  The 18 wheeler could not slow down,  Pulling to the left would  probably
kill someone, namely me and maybe others.   That is how accidents happen.  With the speed of
summer lightning.  Choices have to be instantaneous.  My decision was to stay in my lane
and squeeze by the OPP cars.  There was room for that.

The 18 wheeler was dark brown.  Funny I would notice that.  If I dared move i would be partly under
his bed in a tangle of shredded metal and exploding rubber.    

Te police officers were discussing something  … well away from my open lane.
BaZoom…I was through the hole.   Flipped my right turn signal and slowed down to exit
at North Beach.  The 18 wheeler had pulled into my lane heading for the same exit.

The near crisis was over.  Or so I thought.   The sun was out …the trees were in leaf. 
And daffodils danced on the fine lawns of North Beach homes..  sign of relief.

Then I heard the siren.  Somewhere behind me.  Actually right behind me.  Those flashing lights and siren were
meant  for me.  An OPP criuiser.   

“Damn! Damn! Damn!  “

I pulled over and the cop levered himself  out of his car.

“You nearly hit me, sir.”
“I had no choice.   But I  know the law….sorry…not much else I can say.”
“Licence please.”
I fumbled for my licence and insurance.
“There was barely an inch or two between my car and your truck.  Very dangerous.”
“I know that, sir, my excuse sounds lame.  That 18 wheeler gave me no choice…
could not move to the left.”
“You could have slowed down, sir.””
“yes.  Car behind me…coming around long curve.  I know I am guilty.   Only
excuse Have is the 18 wheeler.  I am guilty.”
“Only an inch or two clearance, sir.”
And away he went with my licence.  Would I lose points?   No doubt a hefty fine
as well.  
Then the cop got out of his car holding a long sheet of official looking paper.
“Sir, I am not giving you a ticket.  Only this warning.”
Thanks was not enough
“Can I shake our hand, sir,”
“The more I thought about it, sir, I did see that tractor trailer beside you..pulling 
in front of you.  There was no choice.  So this is just a warning.  It could have been
a fine and a court date.”

Driving is dangerous.  Highways are used by thousands of big rigs these days.  I am
a tire counter.  Some of these rigs have as many as 32 wheels which  means
they are carrying a lot of weight.    Armed with air brakes.  Which means instant stopping…
burning rubber…fish tailing….death.

I am indebted to that police man…a Chinese Canadian I noriced not that that matters.
A nice guy who weighed the situation snd gave me the benefit of the doubt.
I did not mouth off.  such as Yell about the 18 wheeler.  If I had mouthed off then the whole
thing  would be different. 

I was shaken.  Nervous as I pulled into the Burlington Golf and Country Club where six of my
high school chums were waiting.  We meet for lunch twice a year.  Old friends from
the 1950’’s.  We played football together long ago when we were big and strong
and the world was our oyster at Humberside Collegiate.

A guy was beside me putting on his golf shoes. He looked at me and said.

“Well , did you get a ticket?” 
“No….just a warning.
“Lucky man.”
“I did not mouth off.”
“Always a good idea.”

I was five minutes late for our lunch.  The boys hooted and laughed.  Glad to see me.:/

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