EPISODE 804 . RESCUING AND REBUILDING AN ANCIENT CART (did it come from Tutankamen’s tomb?)

EPISODE 804    RESCUING AND REBUILDING AN ANCIENT CART (did it come from Tutankamen’s tomb?)

alan skeoch

april 22, 2032

Rescue work with muscle and steel.  What is that thing?

This ancient looking horse or ox cart looks like it was used to built a pyramid in Egypt
or to haul rubble away from Tutankamen’s tomb.   Truth is it was built from bits and 
pieces for a movie set  where we bought it not knowing that should we fail to movie it
there would be a $500 charge as a dumping fee.  That shook me…shocked me to the
core.  Thankfully our son came to the rescue with his big truck.

The wheels and axle are very old indeed.    so large and heavy that only the bobcat
could lift them.  When built originally? Not from the pyramid building time but certainly from
the early 19th century.  Huge wooden hubs made when wagon building was a  skilled carpenter’s

So the cart will have a happy future I hope.  First a pair of shafts have
to be attached and the cart must be stored In a barn or drive shed. 

Just getting it to our farm was a balancing act worthy of a thightrope walker as
you can see.  Feather balanced.  What does that mean?  It means if a feather was
added to the load then the cart would fall and like Humpty Dumpty never to be
put together again.  An overstatement.  But I did have to be very careful.


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