EPISODE 496: TEMPORARY DOG HOUSE (caregivers to Failla and Norman…and our dog Woody) Dec. 2021


alan skeoch
Dec. 29,2021

“Alan, let me take a picture of you and the dogs.” said Marjorie this morning.

I know my office is cluttered.  Now with added presence of three dogs.  If you want
something Spartan then there will be no stories.   This is Episode 496 which I find
hard to believe.  Flattered that some of you actually read the stories while others
just seem to enjoy the pictures.   And others must just press delete. 

A long time ago I read a book titled  ” While Memory Serves”,,,which is what I am
doing with these stories.  Some of the stories touch the memory of some of you
and that makes me feel good.   Some even believe I am writing a book which is
not true.  Writing books is a tough game with little spin off.  I think more people read
these short stories than would ever read a full book of them. 

Do not rush to judgment about my office.  When we were absent a year ago, the kids moved me up from
the basement where things were much worse.  Now I am close to the kitchen and
our games room (front room) where we play Scrabble twice a day. Currently we
are tied after playing hundreds of games.


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