alan skeoch
Dec. 26, 2021

“Today I am making tomato aspic”

Recipe seemed  simple enough..tomato juice, chopped onions, chopped celery,

bay leaf, 2 cloves, bit of Worcester sauce, some weird stuff called gelatin

But there were many problems

-finding room in kitchen
-some ingredients missing…actually most ingredients were missing..cloves, gelatin …perhaps  celery

-pot on stove with bay leaf, tomato juice and Worcester sauce
-onions cut up…tears on my glasses
-celery a little limp…and few stalks…will make do

problem..how to start the stove
problem…gelatin too old…like a decade or so
problem…marjorie interfering…thinks she
knows more about cooking than I do
problem…finding Marjorie’s purse with car keys

solution..just opened can of beer while Marjorie flees to store
for gelatin ,etc.

solution…let marjorie take over but do it grudgingly so she
thinks i want to make the tomato aspic…all I really want is to eat it.


P.S. That stuff called gellatin is tricky like fast drying cement.
Tomato aspic bowl is a bit messy because I had to pour the
aspic from pot to bowl … and missed.   

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