EPISODE 174 the sun is still shining


alan skeoch
Nov. 2020

So here we are.  Going into another lockdown in Peel County, 
Ontario.  Cold weather on the way and fear of explosive Covid 19
return.   Now that is a ‘downer’.

“What we need is an upper.”  that thought I am sure was on the minds
of many this week.   And lo and behold an upper arrived with the morning
sunshine as recorded by friend Rick Irving whose apartment looms over
Lake Ontario and his unit faces east from which arrived a glorious morning

The kids gave me an ATV for my 80th birthday two  years ago.   So I went 
for a drive over the bare fields in search of more uppers.  And I found
one in the least likely place…an open air swamp that had been clear cut
by Ontario Hydro so the company could deliver  Nuclear energy
to our households.

And there in the midst of the beige and dark brown landscape of November
a different kind of  sunshine sparkled. Little islands of colour …contrasting bursts
of colour.   I have no idea what the plant was
called but it was a pleasant adventure slogging through the near dry swamp
to get these photographs.   I got the  pictures for you.  To brighten your day and
my day.

There is joy in the big  things…such as the sun rising beneath a few clouds…and
the small things….such as the survival triumph of bushes crowned with orange  red berries.

While we all wait for the snowflakes 

alan skeoch
nov. 2020

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