One  of  my favourite radio  broadcasts…kind I enjoyed  doing…was  the Case of the BREAD  BAG HAT.

We were at a  farm  auction near Marsville, Ontario, about 20 years ago when the auctioneer casually put up a few odd looking hats.  Hats  like  something I had never seen before.
“Ladies and gentlemen these  hats have been  made from  bread  bags.”
“Bread  bags?”
“Plastic bread bags just like these,” and he  held  up some bread bags some  of which were Wonder Bread  and others.
“Mrs. —— (I have lost her name) hates to see things wasted so when she saw all these plastic bags  going to land fill sites she used  here  rug making skills and  began  making bread  bag hats.”
“For auction?”
“Yes, right now…Do  I have a  bid?”
So Marjorie and I bought  a few bread bag hats  and the following week  I turned  it into a radio program.  People  seemed  interested.  Take a look at the hat.
alan skeoch
Feb. 2018

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