EPISODE 164   SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT -GONE ON FOR MONTHS (result?  Same as US election…narrow victory…for Marjorie)

alan skeoch
Nov.  2020

We had never played Scrabble until the forced  isolation  of  Covid 19.  Our Scrabble Tournament
is as near to a  draw as the Biden/Trump U.S. election.   Notably absent is the sore loser syndrome 
though.  We have been having a great time with the game by playing twice a day and seeing who
will win in groups of ten games per tournament.

The results  are sometimes too close to call.  Marjorie has won games by a single point.  I have
done the same.  A very good natured  competition.   Sometimes sitting in the sun.  At others
sitting in the cold.  

When  the tension in the U.S. election reached  a  fever point on the Tuesday,  election day, we got
so nervous  that we turned to Scrabble to settle our nerves.  

 We now have Scrabble games set
up in two locations.  Sometimes we stop one game midway through…take s  break…and
come back.  Super relaxing game folks.  

Occasionally Marjorie makes up a  non existent word.  And I do the same.  All words  can be
checked on the Internet.

Since it looks like this Covid thing will last until Christmas or longer, I suggest you buy a Scrabble
game.   We found our second Scrabble game at the Salvation Army thrift store in the Children’s
games section.  Cheap.  It was brand new…I think the owners had trouble with spelling…or maybe
they took the game too seriously.  Too seriously?  Yes,  just like that EX PRESIDENT TRUMP the
original owners of the game could not stand the thought of losing.  

If you happen to be reading this Episode Donald (Trump) I would like to inform you that
you lost the 2020 election.   You  are a loser.  If you had the guts to admit it you might
find yourself in good company.  Winning and  Losing is part of  life.   Your daddy never
told you that.   When you get bored  sitting around in Florida sneak up here and play
Scrabble with us.

“How about another Scrabble game, Marjorie?  I think I am on a roll.”

Nice  warm day  in the house.

Nice cold day on the back porch.

I had to check this Scrabble board to make sure there were no cuss words…or sexy words…or misspelled words.
We accept all words…even ‘damn’ and other impolite words.

Sometimes Marjorie wins.  Actually often she comes up with bigger words and  when
that happens I try to tack an “S” on the end…that way  I cancel out her points.
It hurts my ego to see Marjorie making up bigger words than i do.  But my ego
is not like Trumps…I can lose with a smile.  Most of the time.

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alan  skeoch
Nov. 2020

P.S.  On second thought , Donald, do not come up here to Canada.  Our border is closed.

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