alan skeoch
Oct. 24, 2020

“Alan, let me take you to Riverwood for a walk.”
“Too busy.”
“You are not that busy.”

As  things turned out, Marjorie was  correct.  How could  I
ever be so busy that I nearly missed Riverwood in full colour
…complete with two cute Indian  dancers having a great
time filming themselves and smiling for my camera.”

Riverwood  is  a huge tract of forest bordering the Credit River.  Long ago it was a private estate but now is open for all to 
enjoy.   Not just humans, by the way.  All sorts of wild life live here but are not seen  very often.  Several pairs of coyotes rear their
young in secluded  corners of Riverwood.   Deer manage to co exist if tenuously.  Riverwood is a  treasure…not to be missed right
now.   So  pack  up your troubles in your old kit bag and head for Riverwood.


Riverwood is hard to describe.  Best definition?  “Riverwood  is a 150 acre wilderness in the centre of the City of Mississauga.”
Much  more  could be said.   But let’s just consider the wilderness aspect in this photo essay.  The two charming Indians dancers
hint at the cultural significance of Riverwood but today it was the wilderness that was dominant.

And  what a delightful surprise, these two young ladies  were dancing in he forest, all alone with their camera.  Smiling at our
intrusion.  And their colourful clothing complemented to forest or vice versa.   We live in an enchanted land for sure.

Bird feeders are located here and there in the wilderness drawing photographers and birders both.

From a Riverwood high point it is  possible to hide and look for deer or coyotes on the flat Riverwood grassy plain below.

Put yourself in this picture.  Easy to do.  Drive to Riverwood and take a hike in any direction.   Too bad that those of you in
England, Switzerland, USA, Scotland, Korea, Australia cannot visit Riverwood.  I  hope my pictures are something
you can enjoy.

This “Pine Forest” sculpture fits so well with Riverwood.  When we visited the sculpture
there was a little boy hiding from his mother in the forest below. See if you can find him.

alan skeoch
Oct. 2020

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