EPISODE 116 tracked by a snapping turtle


alan skeoch
Sept. 2020

There is much to be  said  about that sixth sense we have on occasions.
I was binding soybeans plants into sheaves for possible movie
decor  when I got the feeling there was something behind me. Really.
So I turned around.  Nothing.  I was all alone.

But wait.  What is that black dot on the trail.  That dot was not there
five minutes ago for that was the trail  I had just used.  Black dot?

Yep.  I was being followed by this big snapping turtle.  Or maybe I was  just in his or her way.
The snapper had no intention of hiding or escaping.  The turtle stayed on the path and expected
me to move.  Which I did.

Many scientists believe we are in the midst of the sixth great extinction of life on earth.  There have been five before ours. (if ours is true).
The snapping turtles have survived extinctions in the past and they may survive  this sixth extinction.  We may not.

The sixth extinction, by the way, has been caused by us….not by a meteor or a sudden volcanic explosion.  We are doing it.
Maybe we can stop it but we have to change our behaviour.  

Meanwhile back at base camp #1, Marjorie was harvesting weeds…keeping
the place ship shape.  And  Woody was with her….

Woody was in the swamp.  He never  goes over his head.

I think these bundles of soybeans will be good decor for a movie set once the leaves
fall off.  

My plan is to reorganize the green house…make it accessible.  After the soybean sheaves have dried.  And  before movie set material
…carts, work benches, stools, tobacco, flax…etc. etc….before all that stuff comes back.

alan skeoch
Sept 2020

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