DAY 6   COVID  19 PANDEMIC    MARCH 18, 2020

alan skeoch

1) One week ago our curling team celebrated a victory with
our opposition team.   We bought the beer for them and
then laughed and horsed  around amicably as always.
Now a week later our season has ended…  And we are
alone.  And  everything around us is suddenly different. 

2) Today PM Trudeau held a conference with the press on his doorstep
in which he mentioned a long list of steps taken to prevent  a) the COVID 19 virus
from spreading.  Most significant was THE CLOSING OF THE US/CANADIAN BORDER
…except for trade…we depend on trade for much of our food chain so trucks will
keep rolling.   b)  supports for people in distress financially…even homeless
c) supports for businesses facing bankruptcy

Trudeau spoke clearly and firmly with lots of specifics.  A real confidence builder.
The government is prepared to inject billions of dollars.  The term ‘billion’ is now
used often.   In the USA some similar supports are occurring only the term being
used  is ‘trillion’ .  This situation is grim.  

3)  USA IS  facing 20% unemployment … same as the Great Depression of 1930’s
4)  One very sobering fact  … we are dependent on
the USA for much of our food supply chain.  Where did the asparagus Marjorie served originate…
and the oranges…and the lettuce…ad infinitum.   I believe our rolled oats are made
here in Canada but am unsure.    Where does the Kellogg company manufacture bran
flakes, corn flakes, etc.?  The big factory in Ontario was closed down a couple of
years ago.   So what?  So closing the American border …total closing … is not an option.

5)  Marjorie went to bed at 1 p.m. today….cold symptoms,  She got up at around 8 am.,
looked after Woody our dog, peeled apples and made an apple pie and then, around noon
she had  a bath and went to bed, sniffles and maybe a slight temperature.  Me?  I took a
drink of Nyquill (sp.) and another pill of some kind. Did not wake up until 10 a.m.  Sun
blasting light through the window.
Marjorie gave me a nice lemon drink about 1 a.m.  I slept like a baby.  She did not.

6)  Disquieting to learn that hospital ships have been moved into position in New  York and
on the west coast . The American infected population rises above 6,000…not enough hospital
beds.  Some  terrible choices may happen…i.e.who gets the ventilator?

7) Deputy PM Freeland “I want to make t his absolutely clear, we have had very
positive and collaborative discussions with the US government”  “full agreement”
“we are in this together” “long history of good relations”.  Very positive news conference
in Canada.   Similar news conference in US is getting much better.  Dr. Dryx (sp.) spoke
well.   I was also  pleased with VP,s comments … he seems to be rising to the occasion.
Trump seems very tired …big responsibility under a lot of criticism…turning to his experts
more often which is good….but still needs to create more confidence.   Gap between
what he says and what is real…i.e. respirators supply in US.   I really wish I could believe
what he says.   Maybe he will help resolve things.


“Are you awake?”
“yes, What’s the matter?”
“We have to get out of here…the kids are worried:”
“Go back to sleep, I have booked seats on Air Canada for March 30.”
“Risky.  Hope they don’t cancel like West jet did.”
“Me too…Let’s go boating.”
“Look, a manatee…and those big jumping manta rays…right out of the water.”
“Tough choice to leave.”
“Tougher to stay…suppose you miss the anchor post with that hammer…hit your knee…need a  hospital.
“We will try to fly.”

 Advice to Patricia and Dave while Lost in Paradise

My good friend Russ was reading about your Lost in Paradise entry and advised
you should stay put.   

Not sure what I would do.  But I send this comment for
your amusement.  Our son Andy and friend KeithM. took off to tour the world years ago.
They were 17 or 18 and  like Voltaire’s Candide wanted to understand the world around them.
They bought wrecked cars in the US…$100 cars that would go.  One of them had no
side windows.  Police stopped them of  course in Arizona…”best you guys get out 
of this state fast.”.  They drove the wreck to California where a friend of mine installed
wooden windows…did not help much.  How can you see if a police car is behind you
with no side windows.  Now here is a thought.   Dave is very handy I know so I have asked 
Andy where he dumped that car and will advise when I know.  If found in a California 
wrecking yard I have offered $50 which you can pay me later.

No joke:
My brother Eric has a good friend and  his wife stuck in Costa Rica. Their dream holiday
turned into a nightmare.  No flights right now. No joke.  How can they get back home…look
at a map.  

So many others. One Canadian girl in Spain, alone it seemed, could not complete her
interview without bursting into tears.  

I guess I should not make light of the crisis.

9) Canadian dollar has dropped to below 69 cents.

10)  Bill P. sent me an amusing video titled  “On a street in Kelowna”….convincing, startling, professional, amusing

11)  Closed borders means  that officers on the Mexican/USA border will have the task of escorting refugees back across
to an uncertain future.  Could it happen here?  Borders are closing all around the world. A fact.  
the border

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