COVID 19 DAY 5: MARCH 16, 2020


March 17, 2020

Canada…this morning 444 infected…now 7 p.m., 598 infected in Canada
as expected…are we flattening the curve?
Social Distancing … now a good thing  … a month ago the term had a negative ring.
today it is  a term of hope.

1)  We are not hoarders really but Marjorie did buy two gigantic  sacks of
Quaker rolled oats a couple of months ago.  Great.  Years ago when I was
a prospector rolled oats were a staple.  Initially we used  oats to make porridge…but
that took time and work…so we then began to eat them raw with milk and brown sugar…then
we ran out of canned and powdered milk so began to eat them raw with water and sugar.
Sugar ran out.  So we ate taw rolled oats.  No problem. 

 Then, years later, I noticed a Skeoch recipe
from my Aunt Greta’s old cook book dating back to the 1840’s which mentioned farm hands
drinking something called  “Broze”

“What is Broze, Aunt Greta?”
“That was a  drink for the boys cutting hay and grain”
A drink?”
“How do you make it?”
“Just put some raw rolled oats in with drinking water, maybe a little sugar…sometimes
we cooked  it and let it cool.”

Bottom line:  Seems  we can live on these two sacks  of rolled oats for a long time.

2)  What a difference.   Today our Canadian cabinet led by deputy PM Freyland held a
news  conference that was confidence building…serious, positive, personal, fact laden…
Yesterday I  watched  the same kind of thing from Trump but his performance was the 
reverse.   I was very unsettled after Trump spoke   I scanned the faces of those behind
him and my opinion the faces evasive, troubled, scattered, unsure.  Our deputy PM
has taken the reins with confidence … willing to share the stage with all.  Could Trump’s 
vice President do the same?  Not too sure about that but maybe if thrust into first place…
VP of US might be less adoring of Trump and more willing to see the real world.  Right now we
just have Trump, a narcissist who cannot even read a teleprompter.  I noticed today that
our leaders used their written scripts accurately and  were not afraid to look at their notes.
These are tough times…not times in which to ‘wing it’.

3)  Emergency Measures  Act  could be used if  need arises.   A very serious matter but 
TO  be used carefully lest crisis clash with provinces.  Federal government has the power though
I am confident that Quebec will  support such.  Not so confident about Alberta.  Ontario under
Ford seems to going into line but i fear his use of politics.

4)  Lost in Paradise:  A friend of ours, who I will only call Pat, is trapped at the south end
of Florida where the beaches are warm and inviting…beaches where I would love to wander
picking up flotsam and jetsam (and maybe a pair of  skates from Federal Express*) 
*Movie titled CASTAWAY with
Tom Hanks as a lonely survivor
Hopefully Pat will send  me (us) notes from the beaches under the title Lost in Paradise.

pictures sent by Patricia and Dave today, March 17, 2020   Lost in Paradise

Patricia and Dave: Lost in Paradise
Paraphrasing: “Wel, Dave, our flight home just went up in smoke…all flights cancelled.  Here
we are Lost in Paradise..loving the sandy ‘no person’s land’ of South Florida.  Look, there is
dolphin nosing around as the tide comes in.”
“I guess we have to think about getting home sometime soon.  The boat is gassed up
for storage.  The marina is in full operation right now but maybe not for long. What do
you think of buying a used car and making a run for the Canadian border?”
“Let’s not just yet.  right now we are in paradise.”

3)  Today I broke a tooth.  Small thing in normal times.  Big thing now.  Dentists are in a dangerous 
profession and have been advised to close shops.   My tooth break is minor but it focuses things.
I have now been hived in the house for only 5 straight days but it seems like an eternity.  Marjorie
has done a little shopping and  says Port Credit seems  deserted…shops closed.  But food not an issue…
had half  a dozen Easter buns this morning..,,with honey from Russ V’s bees.  Why significant?  Because the bakers are baking.

4) Andrew:”We went for dinner last night and were the only people in the restaurant, then
we went to see the movie  ‘1917′ and  were alone except for one other couple.”
“Are you working?” (outdoor job)
“yes,, we have seven jobs on.”
“Dangerous…touch people?”
“No one around.”

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