“And how are you today?” ESCAPE

Subject: “and how are you today?” ESCAPE
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 10:43:20 -0500
From: Alan Skeoch
To: Marjorie Skeoch

Some people are asking how am I managing. Well, I am doing fine. Really enjoying the calls from telemarketers…as you will see below. alan PHONE RINGING “HELLO,” Then …Somewhat garbled words then… “and how are you today?” “So glad you called. I have torn my Achillies tendon and have to wear this Boot. Let me describe it to you…gray plastic, velcro, risers…etc. etc. So nice to hear from you as I am alone with no one to talk to. You see, I fell a few weeks ago…down stairs…etc etc. And now I am sitting here in the house alone with snow outside, so glad to hear from you let me describe how I get dressed…etc. etc. How nice of you to ask “How am I today?” In addition I have a bit of a cold and am taking scotch whisky submerged in beer…etc etc. I wonder if you are free? I would dearly like a copy of Mr. Trump’s biography…Fire and something else in the title…etc. etc. Trump is a wonderful man…so nice to women…polite…and a bit of a sex fiend…etc. etc. Oh, and did I tell you about my new nightshirt? It got hooked on the bedpost and I tripped again. etc. etc. I am currently on the floor, being close to the ground is better for me but hard to get food, could you bring me …etc. etc. And please bring a big box of adult diapers. I need them because…. CLICK! OH dear, the telemarketer must have hung up. alan Kept that one on for 90 seconds…a record.

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