“Morgan, meet me at the Baird .” (a story exaggerated so cut the criticism)


alan skeoch
June 2019

“Grandpa, said to meet him here…I can only imagine why.”

“Ah, yes, the Baird…”
“Only pub in  Muswell Hill, unless you count the converted church  on the main street.”

“Alan, sort of an odd place for us to meet.”
“Historic place, Marjorie…in TWO WAYS.”
“Really, how?”

“Well, Morgan, has just turned 18 so  I thought it would be a good idea  to meet at the Baird.”

“And have her first glass of beer”
“Alan, that is  a gross idea…don’t you agree Morgan?”
“I do.”
“Just a sip…make it look authentic.”
“OK, grandpa.”

“Look behind  Morgan and the beer glass…what do you see?”
“Old TV sets…junk”
“Right…On this site a young Scot name JOHN LOGIE BAIRD invented the first TV set back in 1922’
“Are you kidding?”
“Nope…Baird  was a mechanical genius  but poor as  a church mouse.  He took sick which gave him time
to tinker with electronics…really primitive…and what he invented  was television.”
“Why  would  Morgan be interested in that?”
“She is standing on the edge of adulthood…life takes strange directions…twists and turns…sometimes
a twist leads  on to great things.   Sometimes a person cannot see where life is going.   Morgan knows all  that but
I thought this visit to the Baird would just put some icing on the cake…some beer foam on the pint as it were.”

“And sometimes  pictures are very deceptive…like the picture above.”
“…and the same applies to words.”

“Here is the history of John Logie Baird.”
“I have never seen anyone stop to read it…Morgan is a reader which
is  wonderful for she will read and  remember this visit.”

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