(Not everyone  will be amused)

alan skeoch
Dec. 19, 2018

Marjorie  got a bit of a head cold today which gave me the  chance to look for a gift.
I  combed  through Southern  Ontario from Kalapore to Ravenna, from Clarksburg to Thornbury.
No luck.  Then just as the sun was heading for the horizon as I was homeward bound
I noticed Marian  Black’s sign on the roadside.   Eureka…a stroke of genius. I was
able to find the perfect Made in Ontario gift…a gift that would  last the winter.

A gift that could be  shaped into wondrous  things.   Made in Ontario!

“The search began on Grey Road  2…en route to Feversham, Ravenna and Thornbury…must find gift for Marjorie…one  she could really  use.”

“Not very promising…Kalapore.   Nobody home…nothing to buy.

Then I met Eric  in Thornbury and we got a good start at the cider and beer factory where Kate
poured  us liberal amounts  of all kinds.  “Not the sweet cider…how  about that dark beer?”

We bought a couple of  six packs but decided they were unsuitable  gifts…but the samples sure set us on the right track…or so  we thought.

Then across  the road to the huge antique and collectibles  warehouse….must be gift in here.

Antdiques by the truckload…a canoe for $2,000…a bit steep…no good in winter anyway.

Maybe some  tools  or newell posts…

Hey Alan,  how about these coffee sacks…only $3 each.

How about this coonskin coat for $295

“Al, take a look here…a big antique plow sign for $1400 … or a  hand  made plow for $800…or an iron for $40…No…we just gave up and  hit the rod.

Back down  Grey road #2, I noticed  an odd  windrow of brush…inspected…a whole orchard … young orchard…all pulled out by their roots
with last fall’s apple crop left to rot..   Why?   “Can’t leave an orchard to  go wild…just brings in disease…has to  be destroyed”

Judy  had  quiche ready and  trimmings.  But still no present for Marjorie.

I have to hit the highway home before dark…no gift yet.

Farms did not look too good until I  got to the potato belt around  Redickville.  That is where I  struck  it rich…

And  that is how I met Marian Black, farmer.   Her husband  had a  sign pointing to their potato barn…what a perfect gift. Two…yes, two…50 pound sacks
of  potatoes…Yukon Yellows and  some  kind  of  red skinned potatoes…and Mrs. Black threw in a couple of  huge potatoes that the grader had rejected.

Eureka!  No  longer need search  for a gift.

alan skeoch
Dec. 2018

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