EPISODE 583 “ALAN, DON’T DO IT! WE CAN Make ir….I think!”

Note from Alan:  The story of the Pebble Mine is difficult. 127,000 pages and 1 million feet of diamond
drill core…and the young discoverer, Phil St . George, is hard to find….ignored in mine reports it seems.
So here is a short story.  I am typing this note as the JD sprayer drags us along.  Marjorie was right…when
she said “Don’t do it!”

EPISODE 583   “ALAN, DON’T DO IT!”  “WE CAN MAKE IT…I think !”

alan skeoch
may 12,2022

“Quick Marjorie, get in the car.”
“I think we can slip beneath that John Deere sprayer.”
“Too late, here we go….”

“Well, we did not make it…stuck…what will we do now?”
“Make a call to John Deere HQ”
“They must have had this problem before.”
“No one is as stupid as you.”
“Seemed like a good idea…”
“Save on gas…let this giant spider drag us along.”
“Stupid is as stupid does….as Tom Hanks said.”

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