EPISODE 577: Skeoch CAR re-creation hailed as ‘Epic Restoration’ in national magazine

> On May 4, 2022, at 9:05 AM, ALAN SKEOCH <alan.skeoch@rogers.com> wrote: > > EPISODE 577 THE SKEOCH CAR > > alan skeoch > May 2022 > > Well this note from Geoff Allison was a big surprise that may interest readers. > The ‘Little Skeoch’ had a short life when created in 1921 when fire destroyed the > factory and 6 of the 10 models ever made went up in smoke. Fragments of > the car remained … especially the paper plans. Thanks to Geoff and his > gifted friends a model of the little car has been made as you may remember as I did > a story on the car some time ago. > > Well today a thorough story has been printed in the june 2022 edition of > Classic Car. And I mean through. With a pile of detail pictures. The full > article is included. > > What is our family connection to this car.? I really do not know for sure. > Nice to imagine the connection may exist though. > > alan > >> >> Dear Transatlantic Skeochs, >> >> I am sending you a copy of an article published in the June 2022 edition of Classic Cars which refers to the re-creation of a 1921 Skeoch Cycle Car as an epic restoration – for your interest. >> >> Kind regards, >> >> Geoff > > > >

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