EPISODE 459 ANCIENT TAXI SLEIGH (like Kreighoff pay

EPISODE 459   ANCIENT TAXI SLEIGH (like Kreighoff painted long ago in the 19th century)

alan skeoch
oct. 2021
We bought this ancient taxi sleight about 40 years ago at the Tompson farm and museum sale (I think).  Then had it restored by Mennonite
craftsmen in their wood repair shop north of Kitchener.  
Why?  Good question.  We had no horses and no definition plans.
The sleigh reminded us of many of  the paintings done by Cornelius
Kreighoff .. best reason I can offer.  (see below)
Marjorie contacted the Toronto King Edward Hotel.  When the manager got wind of our project he proposed a deal.  He would provide a sumptuous New Years'
dinner for our extended  family for two New Years' occasions  if we could get the sleigh set up
for their Christmas decor.   A Totally enjoyable occasion.  The sleigh
fitted perfectly into the main floor of the hotel and residents had their
pictures taken riding the taxi sleigh. 
Since that time … about 40 years ago … the magnificent sleigh has rested on a wheeled cart in our quasi-blacksmith shop in Mississauga.
It still gives me a spiritual lift every  time I squeeze past to get a tool.
alan skeoch


Some would say we are dreamers (borrowed from John Lennon's song
“Imagine”) .  But we are not the only ones.   Dreamers…have a place
in the human journey, don't they?
alan skeoch
Oct. 2021

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