alan skeoch
sept. 2021

Now here is something we all might need.  I am talking about a visit  to the ‘Sally Ann” better known as 
the Salvation Army  Thrift Store.  There is one in your neighbourhood.

Marjorie knows how to have a good time without going overboard.  She gathers up things we do not need or do not wear anymore
and takes them down to our local Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Then the fun begins.  She shops in the store buying other people’s
cast off clothing and other pieces of bric a brac.   Some people are too proud to do this.  That is really too bad because “Thrift” shopping
benefits so many people.  And it is so much fun.

We get lots of laughs doing our shopping.  I  come along often but not as often as Marjorie would like..  Last week I bought a nice shirt…took it
home…tried it on and it did not fit.  Marjorie took it back as an exchange item.  This week I was shopping at the Thrift Store and bought
the same damn shirt.  Dead loss but amusing.

Here…take a look at Marjorie shopping and being warmly greeted by the store manager.

Some collector will spot this shirt signed by the whole team.

Reminder of the Great Flood that made Noah build his Ark.  If that happened.  Perhaps it did.  The oceans are rising as the ice cap melts.

I wonder why not one has bought these?

I JUST love the Salvation Army books…and I recently was rewarded with one of the best books
I have read lately.  The title is COAL.

COAL was written by Babara Freese  in 2003.  It is a frightening and fascinating book documenting the role of coal in
our western civilization and terrible results that followed the coal roll in the Industrial Revolution

Without coal there could not be an industrial revolution in 1800.  No civilization as we know it today.  But coal is a mixed blessing as anyone with black lung
can testify    Coal burning has released so much carbon into the air that our civilization is under threat of collapse.
Not a happy book but it sounds one word loud and clear.  ALERT ALER ALERT.

LET’s not get so serious  There are hundreds of fine fiction novels to be found on the Sally Ann shelves 
if you need relief after reading COAL.   Escapism.

And, oh yes, there is a nice brown checked shirt on the Extra Large shirt rack…please buy it so I don’t buy it for a third time.

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