Fwd: High Flying adventure on a grey windy evening at North Beech

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From: SKEOCH <alan.skeoch@rogers.com>
Subject: High Flying adventure on a grey windy evening at North Beech
Date: October 12, 2018 at 9:43:05 PM EDT

(Note to any reader:  All dialogue is  alan talking to himself.  Silly at times, he knows  that…but alan thinks
the dialogue makes  the pictures  come to life.   Sometimes it may seem  that Marjorie is speaking but
that is  fake news.  Of course some people never read the dialogue anyway
so alan  inserts a little test.  In this case the test is  simple, where is  NORTH BEECH?)


alan skeoch
Oct. 11, 2018

THE gate to North Beach,  Prince Edward County, sported  a huge padlock.   Closed  for the season…abandoned  save for the two cars parked half in the ditch  and  half out.
At the end  of a Dead  End  road.  Eerie.  Solitary.  
This  was  not tourist  time.  The sky  was  grey…the wind  was  ferocious…the weather was getting colder by  the second…and the sun  was setting.   Perfect setting
for adventure.

“Woody needs  a walk, Alan…I doubt anyone would care if we slipped  under the padlock.  No one here…”
“Wind is  blowing fiercely…first time this year in winter coats.”
“What is that funny blue thing way up in the sky…looks like  a balloon…half a  balloon”
“Holy Cow, we are not alone…”
“Two people way  out in the surf … racing with the wind …”
“With a couple of miles of surf foaming its way to the beech.”
“Faster than a speeding bullet as was said in the  comic books”
“Well, not quite but fast enough to lift those guys into the sky at times.”
“Wonder who  they are?”
“Woody will find out…there he goes racing the wind to greet those guys.”
“Might be afraid of dogs.”
“Any persons  who attach themselves  to a billowing kite in lashing wind will not be afraid  of a dog like Woody.”

“Hi fellows, where  you from?”
“Long way from home, how  come?”
“The surf here is  breathtaking…seems  to be end  of that Hurricane called Michael”

(On the left is  Benoit Dargis…missed out on his friend’s name)

“Seems a bit dangerous Benoit?”
“Not really…we stay away from those big boulders on the south end.”
“Did  Woody bother you when you benched?”
“No…does he bite?”
“licks a lot…wags tail a  lot…presses his  warm and tender  body against us a lot…but does  not know the meaning of the word bite.”

“Would  you boys like butter tarts?”  
“See Alan in the car with furrowed brow…we’ll leave him one tart, OK?”
“OK…and here’s  a jar of honey from Quebec…from our own bee hives.”

And  so the little bit of adventure ended.

Post Scrip Below”

“Well, Woody, what say we buy one of those rigs?”
“I like my four legs on the ground, Alan.”
“You don’t have to fly, Woody, your job  would be to pull a beech  cart with all the stuff.”
“Forget it, alan, another lamebrain  idea of yours that will never see the light of day.”
“Sometimes Woody you break my heart.”
“Get over it….”

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