Baby raccoon beside the gravel road:

“LET HIM ALONE, ALAN”  (said a voice  from within)
alan skeoch

I caught the flicker of  movement on the gravel fringe of the Fifth Line just below our farm. A little ball of something that looked  alive but barely so. Moving in jerks and starts.    So  I braked  and  backed up.

A baby racoon was  trying to get nourishment from  some scrap of  food.  It was alone and certainly not in the best of  health.  The back  legs were wet…perhaps from wading through the swamp but also perhaps from something more sinister.

I  did nothing.  Took these pictures.  Bade the little fellow farewell and drove away.  That is  an  appropriate action with wild things.  

years  ago we were given a baby raccoon that fell down a neighbours  chimney.  Smaller than this raccoon. Tiny.  We fed it and raised it as  one of  our family with the kids,  the dog and the cat. Ricky the Raccoon was  personable…loved  to crawl up our arms  and perch  on our heads.  As warm and  loving as  a
But then Ricky became an adult.  It was sudden.  He started to bite and  get hostile.  He was  a wild creature and  wanted to live his own kind   of life among his own kind.  We let him go in a corn field  and hoped  for the best but expected the worst.
Remembering this  I drove away.
alan skeoch
June 2018

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